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About Us

Beachport is a scenic coastal town in the lower South East of South Australia. Just 15 minutes inland from Beachport is highly productive farm land, where a unique enterprise has been cultivated among the usual cattle, sheep and crops of Wheal Farms… Black pigs can be seen meandering through the fields, grazing on lush pastures, digging in the dirt, eating wheat and barley grown in neighbouring paddocks and wallowing in mud on hot days.

Welcome to the life of a Beachport Berkshire pig!

Here at Wheal Farms we have chosen to breed Berkshire pigs as they are a black heritage breed well suited to an outdoor environment. Being a heritage breed they are slower growing than intensively farmed white pigs and have smaller litters. However, they have increased intramuscular fat (marbling) in their meat which creates delicious juicy pork. As they also have access to pasture at all times the resulting product is a far sweeter tasting pig with superb eating quality.

A few years ago we established the free range piggery to value add to our cereal grain production. We’ve since become rather fond of the pigs and numbers have increased significantly!

We attained our Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program (APIQ) Free Range accreditation in November 2017 and we currently supply Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne markets; but one thing we’ve always wanted to do is supply local people with high quality local produce.

So we are very excited to be able to offer boxed fresh pork, all cut and cryovvaced for your convenience. Delivery locations currently include Beachport and Millicent, but these will be expanded on soon. For where you can buy individual portions please see our stockists page.

So from all of us at Wheal Farms, please enjoy your box of Beachport Berkshires.

Mark, Kate and Lily Wheal

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Beachport Berkshires

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